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An energy intuitive, author and artist.

Through her beliefs and intent divine miracles and synchronicities 

occurred overcoming serious symptoms of secondary progressive M.S., a malignant melanoma disappeared, and she experienced no pain during labor and childbirth.


Anjika experienced divine healing from a line of a famous Zimbabwean healer, Mandaza Kandemwa, with Michael Ortiz Hill. These gifted healers with their enhanced abilities and super mental powers travel in consciousness and are in prayer on behalf of others. At that time Anjika was initiated in the Bantu medicine practice. She was, also, fortunate to experience plant medicine from the Amazon in her quest for healing working with Dr. Richard Grossman.

A trained Nes Health practioner, one has to clear distortions and blockages in the energy field which can cause health issues. When you correct distortions with the right information in the energy pathways, you can return to optimum health.


She became a certified homeopath using the Bach Flower remedies. When using the flower remedies properly, the energies from the different flowers can remove all our emotional pain and suffering and has the ability to affect our emotions positively.

Anjika is a graduate of Southern Methodist University with a B.A. in art history and is a trained actress and singer.


"We are beings of light...When light frequencies go into "the shadows" or lower density frequencies, our minds become clearer, our bodies can heal, and our hearts become lighter."


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