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high frequency businesses

When you create with energy effectively, magic happens... solutions and what you produce show up from a higher dimension grounded in present time. 


Anjika helps businesses educate their staff how to manage and use their individual energy effectively, so they run their energy with clarity, confidence and ease in alignment with their intentions and goals. With so many issues in people's lives and in the world at large having the ability to be free of all mental and emotional clutter is highly valuable. 

She helps leadership, teams and individuals hit their targets in a specific time frame using their talents, gifts and abilities in powerful, effective ways by setting their energy for their project and desired outcomes.  

Everyone benefits when the energy is set properly--the company, executives, depts., teams and each individual--even the physical space and environment.

Your business or company is pure energy in physical form. Anjika can guide you on a wondrous experience to elevate your company into a higher dimension clearing away the old, out worn, toxic energies and creating your business or company into its highest form.

To discuss what's best for your company, contact Anjika at

leadership consult

Gain skills to raise awareness with how energy can operate on a higher level in your day to day...

Anjika helps individuals clear, set, manage and track their own energy, so they regain their true strength and are free of foreign energies in their fields creating disturbances in their mind, heart and body. 


With this awareness one  can manage energy coming towards them, leaving them and clear and set the energy within and around them.

Leadership is executed in higher ways that produce an effortless flow of creative self expression and a higher frequency work environment.

1-2 Hours

Raise frequencies of company. Raise frequencies of each individual present.

Energy transmissions.

Enter into a higher dimensional reality...activate your spiritual abilities and expand your consciousness. 

Gain insights on clearing and setting your energy, so you do your work with ease in a shorter time frame.

3-4 hours

In this in depth exploration of returning you back to yourself,  you no longer have to experience fear, anxiety, depression and emotional and mental disturbances in your work environment.

Anjika shows you how to clear, set, gather, track and manage your energy in this challenging environment we live in presently.

As you gain skills with managing your energy effectively, you are free from energies that want to distract, harm and weaken you.


Whatever you are presently working on, your projects, and the flow of your work days, Anjika shows you how to clear and set the energy, so you experience a calm, easy, confident state of being. You will experience a clear mental focus, so you can accomplish your work in a shorter time frame.

Design your own

Elevate your company into a higher dimensional reality. Customize session or event in alignment with company's intentions.

With people experiencing issues in their own lives and the world in great transition, Anjika shows people how to be free from the past and live in a higher dimensional reality...

Anjika can clear and set the energy for your company and the physical spaces where the company resides--even the physical spaces where people work remotely--wherever they are at any given time.

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